You can find the "Arcade" when you hover your mouse over the Explore tab. When you click it, it will bring you to a page with six games. These games are:

  • Daily Item
  • Daily Currency
  • Coin Flip
  • Select a Box
  • One to Twenty
  • One to Ten

Daily ItemEdit

Daily Item is a simple game where you can get a free item each day. So far you can win Raw Meat, 1 Pet slot upgrade, Feather, Ball, Yarn, and Soup.

Daily CurrencyEdit

Daily Currency us a game where you will win a random amount of Coins. Normally, you win about 1,000 Coins.

Coin FlipEdit

This easy game is where you guess what side the coin will land on. You put in how much Coins you will bet on, if you choose the right side, your betted number of Coins will be double and put into your account! If not, you will lose that money.

Select a boxEdit

Select a box is a game where you will click one of the nine squares and they will contain 1-1,000 Coins.

One to TwentyEdit

One to Twenty is where you type in a number 1-20. If you get it right, you win 5,000 Coins, if you are one number off, you win 1,000! If you don't guess it, well, sorry.

One to TenEdit

It's the same as One to Twenty, but it's numbers 1-10. Same rules except if you win you get 1,000 coins, if you are one number off you get 200 Coins.